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13 Pin car alarm system for universal type car model. Safe & security safe guard the vehicle with anti copy rolling security code



  • - Lock & unlock the car alarm system

    - Arm & disarm the car alarm system

    - Auto lock (Door lock automatically went accidentally release the car door alarm and if the car door not opened in 15 seconds)

    - Brake lock (Door lock automatically went the car is started after 15 Seconds went pressing the foot brake, the door will open automatically went the car is stopped)

    - Unlock reminder (Di-Di-Di Went the alarm is not turned on after the door is close after 10 Seconds)

    - Unlock indicator (The alarm will arm if the door is not close properly went the alarm is turned on in 10 Seconds)

    - Car location identity with sound & light

    - Open door indicator with side door lamp flash With center door lock control function (Built-in center door lock control relay)

    - Remote open the luggage case ready (Specify for some alarm model only)

    - Remote control learning enable


    Accessories :

    - Packing box

    - Menu book

    - Master control box

    - Remote control

    - Power code socket-wire

    - Reset sues button

    - LED Signal indicator lamp


    - 0.6 KG


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